Added Services

Sun Realty’s added services will stretch dollars.  We participate in the Casper multi listing group and can help you locate any property that is listed in Fremont County.  When you list your property with us realtors that belong to the  Fremont County Board of Realtors are alerted about your listing.    Your property shows up on the IDX system and   We can help you with pricing and make sure your property shows well to attract buyers.

Investment Advisor

So far we are  like the other realtors in Fremont County  but this is where it ends!!!   We truly have many added features  that make us both unique and an exceptional value for you.     Dave is our broker dealer and is more than just a realtor.    As  an investment advisor representative, Dave is  capable of helping plan for your FUTURE!  He is what is called a fiduciary which means he must put his client’s interests first.  These added services will stretch dollars  because Dave focuses on your interests first.

Four Businesses One Location

 Dave has built a complete financial process.  Why wouldn’t you want to make sure that you are making wise choices  when it comes to your real estate investments?     This has taken many years to develop and  we have grown as a result into four businesses that are all coordinated to meet your needs and the added services will stretch dollars .

1.  Fremont Financial Inc. helps you  meet your life, health and disability insurance needs.   It’s usually better if these basic needs are in place when you are looking to invest in property.  We can help make sure you are covered properly and are getting the most value for your money so you can focus on your real estate needs.    We bring valuable resources  to you if you are interested in retirement and estate planning.  We provide  CPAs, actuaries, estate lawyers and money managers if you want to explore what they have to offer right in our office. We help you to develop a coordinated and cost effective plan with added services to stretch your dollars.  These decisions are far more than just a checklist for you to complete.  Please go to for more information.

2.   Fremont Financial Advisors Inc. is an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm that helps you grow your investments.  We use experienced  money managers who can customize a program to fit your needs for long term investing.  The trading platform we use allows easy access to your money whenever you need it.  We have just expanded our services  and can now also  offer you access to the leading independent robo advisor in the nation.  This is great if you are just beginning to invest  or if you prefer to take a more active role with your investments.  You will always have easy access to your money and can make changes as needed to fit your lifestyle.  Wouldn’t you like your investments growing so you can make your real estate purchases more easily?  These added services will  stretch dollars.

3.  For small businesses we can provide you with Retirement Savings Solutions Inc which is our latest development.  It is designed specifically for professionals and small business owners to meet both your personal and business needs and objectives.  We are working directly with an actuary who is designing our program to be delivered to  you via the web.  No more wondering what step is next –  it’s right there at your fingertips with choices for you and your employees. You’ll always be compliant with all the new requirements. Your plans added services will  stretch dollars and increase the benefits for your employees.  Its a great way to attract and keep quality help.  We can even make real estate investments a part of your plan.

4.  Sun Realty Inc. provides  you with all your real estate needs and real estate  investments.   Go to  Our added services will stretch dollars. When your money is working for you then your real estate dreams can come true.  Make sure you ask us about our fees.  They are designed to stretch  dollars too.

Yes it’s true we have many added services at our real estate office!  We build programs and processes that  stretch dollars so you can be successful in accomplishing your real estate goals.  Everything we do is focused on coordinating your needs and objectives and that’s why we know you get added value when you work with us.  Please come by and see us at 2220 Riverview Road, Riverton, Wyoming.    Call Dave at 307-851-4949 or our office at 307-856-1234.

At Sun Realty Inc.:

The coffee is always on.

Our added services will stretch dollars.

And of course, the sun is always shining when your real estate dreams come