I was new to the area and saw a beautiful piece of property on the river below Dubois. It was as beautiful an acreage as I’ve seen. I had met Dave and asked him to show me the property and pursue a purchase opportunity on this property. He was able to work with the listing agent and negotiate a favorable purchase offer that was accepted by the seller. Thanks Dave for your efforts.



I had a business to sell and had offered to sell it to the renter in my business. I have worked with Dave over the past several years and asked if he would assist me in completing the real estate transaction. Even though I had only asked him to help me with the paperwork he made sure everything ran smoothly and was completed on time. Without his assistance this would not have been as easy as it turned out to be.


My father -in-law and I had considered purchasing a lot and building a mountain home on it in the Dubois area. We looked at several reasonable priced lots over the years but by the time we considered the building costs, it just didn’t work out. I had mentioned this to Dave and he called informing me of a nice mountain home opportunity. We went and viewed the home and liked what we saw. We submitted an offer based on Dave’s market analysis and were able to buy the home for a very reasonable price. We have our home on the mountain and we love it thanks to Dave’s hard work.


I have been looking at Fremont County to purchase a farm operation for several years. I was referred to Dave Parker as someone who could help me. We made a run at two farms and our offers were not accepted. We had viewed many other farms in the area and couldn’t find what we wanted. Dave was able to work with his local area contacts and locate a farm that was on the market but not listed. We visited the farm and saw it was everything we had hoped for. We made an offer which was accepted and are now the proud owners of a farm in Fremont County. Thanks for your hard work and persistence Dave!